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35 and still dreaming...

"The capacity to learn is a gift; the ability to learn is a skill; the willingness to learn is a choice." -Brian Herbert

I think I've been a lifetime learner and never really realized that about myself. If there's something that needs fixed in my house or a picture hung on a wall, and let's be honest Loren (my husband) could do it better, the impatient monster awakens inside of me and I just figure it out. Why? Well I come from a long line of women who have served their families well. They did what they had to do with strength and power, and a real "momma bear" vibe.

When I was little, there was never something I didn't believe that I could do. Now, I had a realistic understanding that some things were just too far away, but even then, looking back, I realize that those things never left my dreams, and now I can say I'm doing something I knew I could do but didn't know how or when it could happen.

Malachi Barton Jonathan Taylor Thomas

I used to get those TeenBeat magazines, and cut out pictures of Jonathan Taylor Thomas and hang them all over my wall. One day, I was reading through one of those magazines and saw an open casting call for the Mickey Mouse Club....I know what you're thinking now you are vicariously living your dreams through a certain extent yes. I've definitely subconsciously styled Malachi like JTT (blushing).

But, I always wanted to be the triple threat. Actor, singer, dancer, on a show singing in front of millions! Even writing this I'm realizing how God heard those little dreams and saw my hard work, and has let me do all of those! Well, my dance moves not so great, but I sing on THE BIGGEST dancing competition (Dancing with the Stars), this week I signed with a Voice Over Agency (acting) , and singing well...there's plenty of that happening on a daily basis.

But....I never want to stop learning, this voice over thing will be kinda new to me. I've coached voice over actors, and I've done a few on a small scale, but to actually have an agent now!...WHAT?....I've been wanting that for a while. And then last week, I spent hours reading up on how to option the rights for a children's book, because why not create content for a new generation of kids?...Is it something I've done before? Nope. Does it scare me? eh. Do I live for these kind of opportunities? Yes...because I'm a dreamer and a life-long learner.

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