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Felicia Barton is a retro pop/soul artist and songwriter who blends a diverse musical background with a modern pop sensibility – yielding an infectious blend of old & new that is driven by the power of her raspy, soulful voice and candid lyrics. She was a contestant on the eight season of “American Idol,” and her self-released EP Lost Words has received critical acclaim, including that of Lionel Richie. As a songwriter, Felicia has written for Demi Lovato, Lea Michele, Naime Amuro, Taeyeon, EXO, Taemin, Natalia Jimenez, Lauren Alaina, and many others. She has toured with Lea Michele, and Windborne's "Then Music of Michael Jackson," and "The Music of Whitney Houston." She currently appears on “Dancing With The Stars” as a featured Principal Singer since season19.  Her voice has also been the soundtrack to a number of Disney television shows and movies. When she's not singing, you'll find her with her family somewhere in California on a baseball field, or with her son Malachi on the set of his show Stuck in the Middle.    

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